Paver Clean & Seal

Paver Clean & Seal Little Compton, RIDesigning and installing of outdoor spaces is a specialized job in that it requires the service provider to be knowledgeable and experienced about a range of products and materials and their installation. We at Mike's Lawn and Garden are a company that has been operating in this space for a number of years and have deep knowledge and experience about various aspects of landscaping.

Over the years, we have provided end-to-end landscaping services to customers in and around Newport County, Providence County and Washington County. While we do handle complete landscaping projects, we also handle standalone projects for design and install of specific features on your property such as softscaping, hardscaping etc.

Why Opt For Paver Clean And Seal?

Many of our customers in and around Bristol County, Kent County, Plymouth County have also asked us for our excellent paver clean & seal services. Paving stones are almost an integral part of most landscaping projects. It’s common to see driveways, walkways, pathways, patios, decks, outdoor kitchen, poolscapes and other areas paved with brick, concrete or natural stone pavers. These become the perfect material for use in outdoor spaces and they are hardy and durable, low maintenance, easy to install and repair too.

While maintenance is easy, it has to be kept in view that these features see a great deal of wear and tear and have to put up with climatic changes, the UV rays of the sun, and dirt and debris that’s part and parcel of any outdoor setting. This is why Paver Clean & Seal becomes very essential aspect of paving stone maintenance.

Professional Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Paver Clean & Seal Little Compton, RISome property owners feel that they would be able to manage the cleaning and sealing job themselves. While it may look like a simple job, the fact is that it’s quite specialized and has to be done correctly. Take a look at what is involved in the paving stone cleaning and sealing process:

  • We clean all the pavers thoroughly and ensure the surface is dust, dirt and debris free. The weeds and moss (if any) will also be cleaned
  • No harsh chemicals will be used in the work as this reduces their lifespan
  • All the motor oils stains and other stains will be removed carefully
  • The entire paved surface will then be cleaned with pressure-washing and be left to dry completely
  • We will then use special paver sealants to coat the pavers completely
  • These sealants enhance the appearance of the paving stones and help protect the installation from regular wear and tear

You will find that cleaned and sealed paving stones are easier to maintain and that the surfaces aren’t affected by oils and stains. We have the experience and expertise to tackle the job in the best possible way and to your 100% satisfaction. For more information about our specialized paving stone cleaning and sealing services, call Mike's Lawn and Garden at 401-835-6934. This online form can be used to send us queries. You can also request for a free estimate via this form.